High school students are keen to know if the information they learn is really useful

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High school students are keen to know if the information they learn is really useful

  • April 22, 2019
  • Posted by admin

As English teacher Ms Tempus narrated later, she was in the middle of her class when one of her students asked if he ever is going to use that information. The teacher stuck at her place realizing that meaning of well-prepared lesson, years of university education and severe professional skills became nothing for one particular student. Fortunately, she decided not to tease him and make up her mind to answer “that’s a great topic indeed’.

Pay more attention to that topic

Even though such doubt from pupils hurts me in some way, it becomes helpful in making a connection in a teacher-student relationship as you demonstrate a valuation of their thoughts and prove them utility of English lessons. For example, I often say to my students that by evaluating and analyzing English texts we practice an important skill which will be very useful in future life.

Answering curiosity questions can be very valuable for both sides. It shows pupils your respect for their opinion and therefore engages them in classroom work. By explanation process, you show them how their outside education institution activities connect with the skills required in classes. More and more students find interesting to know about skills adults use in “real life”

During my lessons, I’m showing students the relevance of the required information. When I ask pupils to evaluate the behaviour of the main character and prove the rightness or wrongness of their actions depend on his opinion with evidence from the text. I can assure the student that such skills are helpful during a discussion with coeval or arguments with parents in order to prove the validity of your point of view. Even in everyday life, the importance of simple things must be proved.

Let me introduce some cases for different subjects. Here are some examples of how lessons can be used outside of school.

Maths: knowing how to find the area of a rectangle will be really helpful if you want to buy a certain amount of wallpaper to paste on the walls of your room during a renovation. You just have to take measures and calculate.

Literature: often teachers give students tasks to learn poetry or read a novel. Some people consider it boring but poetry creates a vision of beauty, while books develop the form of your thinking and help to understand the world, people, feelings without decades of experience.

Foreign languages: it is common that kids aren’t keen to learn something that requires willpower. Though learning a new language broadens one’s mind and gives opportunities to travel without any barriers. Schools provide students with an amazing opportunity to achieve all of it for free.

To sum up, the relevance of the subject will lead to pupils’ understanding and growing interest in a particular subject. It is important to see a direct connection between essential skill to an outside school activity.